Tuesday, May 24, 2011

9th Annual Docomomo Brazil Conference

June 7 - June 10, 2011
Brasília, Brazil

After almost twenty years of DOCOMOMO Brazil’s activities, today an exponential increase of researches on recent built heritage is testified. More Twentieth-Century buildings and sites are acknowledged as cultural heritage, the archives and publications about them have been multiplied, as much as experiences and reflections related to them have.

In this context, interdisciplinarity is paramount to the preservationist culture on Architecture and Urbanism. Fundamental roles are played by History, consolidating critical narratives; by Sociology and Anthropology, assessing cultural values; by the Arts – conserving and restoring works integrated to buildings; by Geography, studying population and regional issues; by Information Science, conserving and disclosing documental archives; by Law, normalizing heritage; by Social Communication, establishing the dialogue with the involved communities.

The purpose of the 9th DOCOMOMO Brazil Conference is to gather and share knowledge and consolidating principles, contributing effectively to the preservation of recent cultural heritage.
Themes for the conference include:

Reflections on recent heritage
Documentation of recent heritage
Preservation of recent heritage

[see the original call for papers]

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