Friday, November 4, 2016

THAT EXCEPTIONAL ONE - in memory of Milka Bliznakov (20.09.1927 - 04.11.2010)

В памет на проф. арх. Милка Близнакова (20.09.1927 - 04.11.2010) -
основател на Международния архив на жените в архитектурата към 
Технологичния институт и Щатски университет във Вирджиния, САЩ

Architecture has often been, and in many ways still is, a male dominated profession. 
Early female pioneers in architecture were deemed "that exceptional one" based on a quote from Pietro Belluschi, FAIA stating
"If [a woman] insisted on becoming an architect, I would try to dissuade her. If then, she was still determined, I would give her my blessing - she could be that exceptional one."
Virginia's exceptional one was Mary Brown Channel.

who has founded The International Archive of Women in Architecture
at Virginia Tech, VA, USA.

Ephemera as evidence: 
Uncovering glimpses of women in design history

Milka’s Legacy- The Passion for Studying Women in Architecture Lives On

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