Friday, February 28, 2014

18 April 2014 - ICOMOS International Day for Monuments and Sites

Theme for 18 April 2014 : "Heritage of Commemoration" 

The themeMonuments and sites, including those more complex and diversified forms of heritage places such as living landscapes, are tangible carriers of the memory of a part of the human experience. Thus, through their authenticity and integrity, they contribute, in their way, to the commemoration and transmission of values which include history.

The theme provides an opportunity to present those constructions that have been intentionally created with the purpose of commemorating an event, a person, an idea, etc.  This choice of theme is partly inspired by the centennial in 2014 of the beginning of the Great War of 1914-1918.
The heritage of commemoration takes a variety of forms: engraved inscriptions, mausoleums of exceptional architecture or works of monumental sculpture, more modest elements reflecting vernacular traditions or dedicated landscapes such as cemeteries or memorial gardens. This heritage also includes elements that were given a commemorative value; for example, ruins or industrial vestiges accompanied by dedication plaques, or public squares whose toponymy commemorates a historical event or individual.
Read more about the theme in English – French

Your activites
Please send us information on your activities in electronic format to secretariat [a] (mention 18 April in the email header) and preferably in the following format: 

ICOMOS Committee or Name of Organisation / Date / Place / Title of event and a web link or attached publishable PDF with information on the event.

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