The Modern Movement in Bulgarian Architecture

Stoilova, L. “Bulgaria”, In: The Modern Movement in Architecture. Selections from the DOCOMOMO Registers (Dennis Sharp & Catherine Cooke, Editors), 010 Rotterdam (2000): 57-64 (на англ. език/ in English).

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Stoilova, L., “Modern Movement in Bulgarian Architecture”, [Модерното движение в българската архитектура], DOCOMOMO Journal, 15 (July 1996): 24-25. (на англ. ез./ in English).

This book provides a documentary record of the spread of the Modern Movement in architecture throughout many parts of the world.

It is based on the selective registers prepared by thirty-two national and international working parties of the DOCOMOMO International.

It includes over 600 illustrations of buildings from the early 1920s to the present day, and is a unique guide to important modern buildings as well as a reference work which architects, conservationists and scholars of modern architecture will treasure.
ISBN 978 90 6450 405 1

In his introduction Professor Dennis Sharp, a member of DOCOMOMO International Committee of Registers and co-ordinating editor of this publication, claims that the 20th century was characterized by a plethora of Modern Movements in the arts. Architecture, he says, compared with some of the other arts ’kept persistently to its aim of revolutionizing modern life. It did this through an architecture that derived its form language from concepts based on the virtues of sun, light and air and construction systems based on flexibility, repetition and ease of erection.’

Until I began to learn about Docomomo, I could not have imagined that architectural preservation still had a constructive role to play in the future of the contemporary city. I’ve changed my mind about that.
Herbert Muschamp in the New York Times on the Web, December 2000 (

[...] the black and white images are strict and sober, which makes them more, not less fascinating.
Kodwo Eshun in I.D.Magazine, March 2001, p. 363

This is an important publication, [...] and look forward to future DOCOMOMO publications.
Dean Hawkes in The Architectural Review, April 2001

This compact, 280-page paperback is Docomomo’s attempt to make the fruits of its documentary labours available to a wider public.
Colin Davies in The Architects’ Journal, June 2001

The Modern Movement is, of course, truly international and DOCOMOMO has consequently spread its influence and activities globally. This guide provided an immensely helpful overview to the uninitiated as well as to the convert. It takes 600 examples compiled over the last eight years from 32 national and regional groups (out of a total inventory of 1500 examples and 40 groups).
Bob Kindred in Context # 71, September 2001

Author's notice:
For unknown reason, the last photo is of the Mineral Baths in Bania village
but not of the Sanatorium in Raduntsi (L.S.)